Are you my next client?

Question - are you my client?Believe it or not, everyone looking for a career professional or resume writer is not the right client for me or other people in my field.

How do I select a career professional, resume writer, or career coach?

Just as in other professions, though there is some common ground, there are distinct differences.

What should you consider?

  • Consider the time frame of when you need the project done.
    • Even though I have long been considered one of the fastest resume writers in the business (which has much to do with my business model), in today’s complex economy and strategic resume writing world, I need 6-8 hours of writing and meeting time.
    • Since great writing takes time, I usually promise delivery from start to finish in no less than 5 business days from the first appointment for even a basic project.
    • Some writers book out as much as a month in advance.
  • Consider your budget and career goals.
    • A highly qualified career professional or resume writer is not going to be your cheapest option. And cheap is not the way you want to look at your career anyway.
    • If you are looking for a $50 or less resume, you might as well write it yourself than hire it out.
    • Career pros should be starting in the neighborhood of more than $200 for even an entry-level resume.
    • Design Resumes starts at $295 for our entry-level package of resume with bonus cover letter and references.
  • Consider the business model of the career professional you hire.
    • The Design Resumes and Julie model is very different from many other resume writers. Some writers will do an in-depth phone interview. Others will email you a worksheet for you to complete.
    • I write live. No matter where you are, we meet either here in my office or via Skype which allows me to share my screen and feels like you are sitting across the desk from me. I interview you, writing as you speak.
    • This works for me because I am hands-on in everything I do. When I learn a new skill, I have to do it for me to actually learn.
    • This works for the clients who hire me that like this model because they feel part of the process from beginning to end. However, it is NOT for everyone.
    • I also do LinkedIn Profiles, job search coaching, and other career marketing using this same live and real time model.
    • When you choose a career professional, you need to understand their process and business model for it to work for you.
    • How does the Design Resumes process channel into results? One recent client from Minnesota had 18 responses to the resume we wrote together and is starting her new financial adviser role in her target market of California soon.

Julie Walraven can help you achieve results through using a personalized job search and resume writing  strategy to take the mystery out of the process. To find out how, simply click here!

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