Are you out of your comfort zone with your resume?

out of comfort zoneWhat makes you feel like you are out of your comfort zone? I’m a resume writer and have been for years. I can be challenged by someone with a new career path but I am very comfortable writing resumes. But other things make me feel way out of my comfort zone.

When am I out of my comfort zone?

I hate technical issues. Though I am more technology-oriented than most people, I still hit the wall sometimes. Sometimes I find myself struggling with anxiety until I can solve a problem myself or find the right person with the right skills to solve it for me.

Since I believe in networking, I always have a resource in mind to solve the problems I face. Whether it is website related, software related, or hardware related, I find a resource but I still hate it when things don’t go as planned. With an expert who can jump in there to solve a problem, I am never far from help. When I don’t make the phone call to ask, I spend time spinning my wheels.

Spinning your wheels in your job search?

Some people continue to spin their wheels with their job search. They can’t find the way to solve their career marketing or resume writing problems. Unfortunately, many job seekers are unaware that there is help.

Are you out of work?

If you see job search help as an investment, you recognize by investing in an expert, you cut your job search short. You will be earning money again. If writing a resume has you pulling out your hair or screaming, you are better off with an expert who understands cutting-edge resume writing strategies and can find your hidden accomplishments.

Do you want to move up in your career?

Perhaps you are employed but you are hoping to move on in your career. Every time you think about writing the resume or getting your profile up on LinkedIn, you shudder. You are out of your comfort zone. Not only is writing not your specialty, you lack the time to research current trends in resume writing and LinkedIn just perplexes you.

Are you looking for the next promotion?

Perhaps you want to stay with your current company but you haven’t landed a promotion. A professionally written resume helps people on the outside looking in but also is critical for those on the inside looking up. My successful internal clients have included a College Vice President of Learning, a College Director of Finance, a Deputy Fire Chief and several other Fire Chiefs, a Police Chief, an Executive Director of a major non-profit, and many others.

If you are out of your comfort zone, do what I do. Call an expert and invest in services.

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