Are you stuck in a job that no longer fits you?

Stuck in a job that doesn't fit?Are you stuck in a job that no longer fits you?

Sometimes we start out a job and all is well. Then something changes and it no longer fits.

Some people think you should just hang on to that job forever.

After all, it is tough out there to find a new role. You don’t know if you would do well in a new company.

What do I think?

I think people should wake up happy about their careers and their job!

If you get up each morning with dread because you just hate the thought of working there or being with those people or reporting to that manager or talking to those customers or doing that job, you are in the wrong place. It is time for a career change.

Stuck in a job ? What should I do first?

Let’s start a career change checklist:

  • Is your resume ready?
  • It always starts with the resume. You need to gather your thoughts and decide what you are targeting and what you are selling.

“Selling? I thought I was writing a resume?”

A resume is a marketing product that positions YOU, the product, for the next role. You are selling you.

But you need to create that targeted and differentiating message that clarifies the value you bring to the table.

If you end up negotiating for a job, you should figure out what you are selling. What makes you different?

Now, if you really don’t know the answer to what you are selling, you do need to clarify what you are looking for before you even start writing the resume.

My upper level packages now also include the DISC assessment of their choice. I use the assessment review to talk with my clients to determine their value to the organization, their ideal environment, basic wants, and keys to motivating them.

  • Use your resume to develop your LinkedIn message.

“What’s LinkedIn?”

LinkedIn has become a key part of today’s job search. I learned in a course I am taking, that though there are 313 million people using LinkedIn, 90% of those people have a sub-par profile. If you are one of the 90% who are barely up there or if you are not there at all, you need to learn how to write a LinkedIn profile and optimize it so you can be found.

  • Write targeted cover letters for the positions you really want.

“I didn’t think I needed a cover letter.”

You need the cover letter to clarify why you want that job and why you are qualified to fill the role. The cover letter goes beyond the resume to showcase your talents for that particular job.

Don’t feel you have to stay stuck in a job! Prepare before you embark on that career change. When you are ready to go, you can make the move.

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