Are you targeting your resume in the right direction?

Are you targeting your resume in the right direction?It is easy to think that if you have a professionally-written resume filled with accomplishment stories, your job is done. There are multiple reasons why your job isn’t done yet, but one of the largest obstacles job seekers face is when they try to use the value-filled resume in multiple directions.

Do I have to redo my resume for every job?

I am not a proponent of redoing your resume for every job posting. However, when you try to apply to diverse career directions without targeting your resume, you will end up in trouble. Even within your own field, there can be a huge diversity in direction. It doesn’t mean complete reinvention.

4 areas for targeting your resume

1.) Headline → Resumes that I write have a banner headline or target at the top

  • Example #1: Sales Management | Project Management
  • Example #2: Certified Medical Assistant
  • Example #3: Business Development Manager
  • Example #4: Executive Management — Operations Management | Production Management | Manufacturing Management

You can’t have the same headline for every direction. You need to be specific. You can, as in examples 1 and 4, broaden the target or use subsets so you are going in a general direction rather than rework it each time but you still need to target.

2.) Branding Statement → Basically, this area at the top of a resume needs to tell the reader what you bring to the table but it could change when the direction changes.

  • Example #1: Profit-driven manager with expertise in process improvements, proactive strategies, lean manufacturing, value stream mapping, and safety management. Top revenue producer, with a versatile background in operations and production management.
  • Example #2: Passionate healthcare professional acknowledged as an expeditor who places high value on ethics and integrity. Proven performer with a documented track record of success in coding, extensive orthopedic experience, combined with detailed working knowledge of healthcare systems, procedures, programs, and policies. Quick study, who continually expands knowledge base in current laws, regulations, and practices, such as HIPAA, OSHA, CPT, ICD-9, ICD-10, and Managed Care.
  • Example #3: Enthusiastic sales professional with broad-based expertise and knowledge in sales management, project management, and revenue generation for complex product line within the industrial sales arena. Widely recognized as an insightful leader who knows how to boost sales, maximize performance, and revitalize business.

3.) Resume Stories → Resume stories begin in a section I may call Leadership Performance Highlights or Career Benchmarks or Selected Accomplishments & Results. These four to six highlights are chosen to fit the needs of the target and the branding statement. You want to be selling the same message throughout the resume and showcasing how you can do the job.

4.) Keywords → I generally include a highlighted section of keywords in every resume but at the same time those keywords must be woven through the resume in the resume stories. You need to change them when you are going in a different direction.

Targeting your resume doesn’t mean starting over from scratch but your resume has to resonate with the right content and stories to fit the jobs you want.

Julie Walraven is a triple-certified resume writer whose interactive coaching style helps job seekers earn winning positions when she creates tactical resumes and LinkedIn profiles to market you for success. Learn more here.

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