How to make sure your resume wins interviews

What is the job of the resume? If the resume is written well with value-driven stories that depict how you would be an asset to the company and showcases your qualifications, the resume wins interviews. The problem with most resumes is that they are not written well and they lack any compelling resume stories that will win an interview.

Why don’t most home-grown resumes win interviews?

Despite English classes and resume writing classes in high school and college, most resumes aren’t written well. When I teach classes, I give full access to my website (hint, this one), with all the samples, articles, tips, and strategies to help someone prepare a resume and most of the instructors assign writing a resume before I arrive. Sadly, when I go around the class to collect the resumes, they look like the same tired resumes that most people submit. It may be that people don’t bother to write a good resume for class but if it is a graded assignment, you would think it might matter.

What is different about a resume that wins interviews?

Too many people from 18 to 60+ are stuck with the idea that the resume is a work history. Hardly! The resume has to be more than a tired “Company, title, dates” scenario. It has to be robust with powerful stories that demonstrate the crucial contributions you made in prior roles. When you provide evidence and affirmation of your skills in the way of accomplishment statements, you support and validate the reasons you should be called for the interview.

If you want your resume to get the stamp of approval and win interviews, you have to go the extra mile. When some people struggle with bringing attention and recognition to their success stories, they readily agree that it works once they win interviews with a stronger resume.

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