How to energize your job search with a winning resume

Winning resumes stand out!

One of the struggles that many job seekers face is that they don’t know how to pull together that winning resume. The one that will make you stand out against all the other applicants. The winning resume connects your value with the job target. The winning resume is the one whose clarity is almost shocking — a little like the blue in the photo above. If you have read this blog for awhile, you know that there are critical elements to a resume’s success:

  1. Target — Banner headline that explains what your goal is for that particular resume
  2. Accomplishments — The resume stories that clarify your value
  3. Quantifiable Accomplishments — The numbers that take the stories to the specifics of what you can bring to the table
  4. Keywords — The specific words that identify that you have the qualifications for the job
  5. Clarity — Expressing yourself in way that the reader knows you know your job

Winning resumes begin the process

All of the above is critical to the winning resume and without the resume, your job search will flounder. I see the resume as a process, not a document. It is like the research that you do as you write a paper or a book. The paper or the book is the end product, but it is the research that makes the paper valuable. I think that is why there are so many debates about whether the resume is alive or dead. People who wonder about the life or death of the resume are talking about the format, not the process.

How do you write a winning resume?

To write a winning resume, you have to think deeply about the direction you want to go and create the stories that correlate with that target. It is that process of thinking about your value and what specifics you have to match with the job target that makes the resume valuable. Not only that, since I believe that the resume is the foundation of the job search, when you have written the resume well, when you have created the winning resume, you will have energized your job search!

Suddenly, you will get it! Your LinkedIn profile will resonate with stories that capture your value and the attention of recruiters and hiring managers. You can now enter into the interview phase confident you discovered your value and selected stories you will take into the interview with clarity and confidence. You can negotiate for the substantial job offer you deserve because you have done the work! You understand your value!

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Photo credit: Sebastien Wiertz

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