What you need most as a job seeker is confidence!

What you need most as a job seeker is confidence!The number one thing I see lacking in many job seekers is confidence! It goes without saying that you also need a great resume, after all, I am a professional resume writer but You have to be confident that if you have the skills to do the job and you convey that professionally to the employer, you will stand out.

Think confidence as you go to interview

If you go into an interview and decide that you are not going to get the job in advance, you probably won’t. Employers look for people who not only have the skills and talents that they need but are able to own the confidence to show them that they are able to do the job and they want the job.

Convey your accomplishments

If you use a hide under a bushel strategy, you won’t be the first one called. You don’t have to be brassy and pushy to win but you do have to be able to articulate how you have the qualifications and skills to complete the work the company needs done. How will they know if you don’t tell them?

Accomplishments that you find just run of the mill daily work may make all the difference to the employer because you have exactly the skills he needs to run his company. You don’t have to be Superman, you just have to solve his problems.

What is your confidence level?

How can you show you are confident when you get to the interview?

  • Firm but not bone-crushing handshake
  • Eye contact before, during, and after the interview
  • Be prepared with knowledge about the company and how you have the right skills for their needs
  • No slouching in your chair
  • No gum chewing or hair twirling
  • Ask questions that show you did your homework
  • Collect business cards and if possible exchange yours with them

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