16697171583_7c33584c4b How to create a resume that is more than your work historyDespite the availability of Google, resumes continue to be very misunderstood. Yesterday, someone called the Design Resumes line. His first question was, “Do I need an appointment?” He was calling on a Sunday at 3pm. He didn’t ask me anything about what I do or how I write resumes.

I refocused the conversation. “Let me tell you a little about how I work and my process. But before I do that, have you been to the website yet?” I knew the answer but I waited for him tell me that he found me in a phone book. If he had been to the website (this website) like most of the clients who hire me to work with them, he would know quite a bit about my process.

We didn’t get far into the discussion before I told him that it wasn’t just one but a series of appointments and how many depended both on the complexity of the job and the other services requested. He was incredulous! “How can it take more than one appointment to write a resume?”

I replied, “A resume is more than your work history.”

His response, “What do you mean? I thought a resume was just your work history.”

Why a resume is more than your work history

“A resume is a marketing document that captures your value for the employer. It is much more than your work history. It showcases what you bring to the table and why you are the best candidate for the job.” He then interrupted to ask what the price was for this resume. I quoted the beginning job seeker price and you can probably guess what happened next. Click, he hung up.

I get it. He was never my client. My clients are educated on the value of branded resumes that position you for success. Those clients are seeking my help because they know that a resume is more than your work history. The resume is your golden ticket, the way you will get the interview and later a substantial job offer.

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