Do you waffle? Bad job search strategy!

Do you waffle? Bad job search strategy!Why waffling is a bad job search strategy. A standing joke in our family is that I “waffle” when we go out to eat. Unlike the picture above, it doesn’t mean I actually want to eat “waffles.”

I pick three or four items from the menu and “waffle” back and forth until the waiter comes back because everyone else at the table is ready to order.

My rules for waffling at restaurants

  • something I cannot or would not make at home.
  • the ingredients have to intrigue me.
  • and the description has to be clear enough to pull me in.

Example of waffling: 3 menu choices – from one of my favorite Wausau restaurants – wins in presentation, unique menu, and wonderful servers – The Wright Place on 6th Street:

  • Pesto Seafood Pasta with Tomatoes and Spinach —Fresh scallops and jumbo shrimp sautéed then finished with white wine, handmade basil pesto and a touch of cream, tossed with linguine pasta, tomatoes and fresh spinach.
  • Blue Cheese Pesto Encrusted New York Strip —A handcut 12oz Angus New York Strip, char grilled and topped with a zesty Hooks blue cheese, fresh basil and walnut pesto. Dusted with breadcrumbs and oven crisped; served with smashed potatoes and fresh vegetable, drizzled with basil infused olive oil.
  • Wild Mushroom, Asparagus and Brie stuffed Pork Chop — Fresh loin of pork stuffed with caramelized wild mushrooms, fresh asparagus and brie, char-grilled and served with wild mushroom risotto cakes and a light truffled cream sauce

Don’t waffle in your job search!

I use my waffling strategy in restaurants. I know people waffle when trying to decide what to focus on in their job search. A common response from someone looking for a new resume is: “Oh, I just want a generic one. You know, one that I can use for everything.”

One size fits all is a bad job search strategy

No! If your resume looks as diverse as the menu items above, the potential hiring manager would have a hard time determining your value and what you would bring to the company.

Generic is a bad job search strategy

Resume writers and career coaches tell you to target your resume and your job search. Waffling may be my strategy in restaurants,  it is a very bad job search strategy.

Define what you want to do, what role you want to play, and what talents are needed most in the market place.

Determine your strongest talents, analyze your accomplishments, and capture it in your value-infused career marketing strategy and resume. You want to be the person who the hiring managers call — the person who is the best match to their needs in the position.

Do you waffle? Save it for the restaurant menu. Be DECISIVE in your career path!

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  1. Brent Peterson on October 14, 2010 at 12:37 pm

    Go with the blue cheese encrusted steak :).

    Waffling is exhausting. A Key in life is to make decisions in a manner and timeline appropriate to the outcome.

    Good post Julie.

    • Julie Walraven on October 14, 2010 at 2:28 pm

      Thanks, Brent… for both the menu advice and comment!

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