How to boost your LinkedIn ranking by being present

How to boost your LinkedIn ranking by being present

LinkedIn ranking is not on the top of every’s thoughts about LinkedIn. The number one question I get from people is what can I do to be found on LinkedIn?

Improve your visibility! Some people are unaware that LinkedIn ranking exists yet it impacts your visibility.

What is the best way to improve LinkedIn ranking?

When you study the LinkedIn ranking feature (see Who’s viewed your profile drop-down link under the profile tab), you first land on the Who’s viewed your profile tab. This tells you who is looking at you. If you have the premium feature, you can see everyone for a period of time. I currently can look back 2 months.

At the top of the page is a chart that indicates your ranking by views in a line graph chart in week long periods. If you hover over a specific week, you can see the actions you took during that week:

  • Liked 12 updates
  • Shared 9 updates
  • Added 4 connections
  • Commented on 4 updates

The number of views is impacted by what you do on LinkedIn but there are many other factors too. On all social media there are things that make you more visible:

Be Present

  • If you want to be found, you have to be there.
  • Pop in at least a couple times a week.
  • Comment on posts by your connections and share content you really like.
  • Even liking a post will impact your visibility on the home page.

Build connections

  • Continuously add to your connections when you meet new people online or in person.
  • Add people you remember from the past, former coworkers, neighbors, community group members.

Update your profile

  • If your profile isn’t complete, complete it.
  • If your profile was complete but you moved on, reinvigorate it with new content.
  • Reassess your content to make sure it is still selling what you want.

Publish articles

  • LinkedIn allows you to have your own blog, what an opportunity to showcase your brand and expose yourself and your content to new people.
  • Publications has a setting for everyone which greatly expands your LinkedIn reach and thus gives you the opportunity to grow your LinkedIn ranking.

What kind of content should you post on LinkedIn?

Many people are indiscriminate about what they post on any social network. On LinkedIn because it is the most professional of all of the networks, you should work hard to be on brand.

  • If you are a Global Marketing Director, post about marketing, brand strategy, and new business development.
  • If you are an executive with gifts in Leadership & Pipeline Development, post on leadership and talent management.
  • If you are a leader in Global Innovative Technology, stay on brand by posting about technology entrepreneurship and innovation.
  • If you are a Global Corporate Communications Director, post on experiential marketing, public relations, and internal communications.

Why does LinkedIn ranking matter?

The ranking itself is a measurement tool. What matters is that as your LinkedIn ranking grows, so does your visibility. When your visibility grows, you have the opportunity to be seen by people who are potential hiring managers or recruiters if you are in a job search.

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