Boost your job search results with 3 simple strategies

Boost your job search results with 3 simple strategiesFor those job seekers who struggle to get job search results, interviews and offers, there are 3 strategies usually avoided even when they have an excellent resume, LinkedIn profile, and cover letter.

Find a backdoor in to get better job search results

Too many people just apply online and expect results. Frequently, your resume gets lost in the shuffle and even if it was well done, it just disappears in with 1,000s of other applications. For you to be successful and get better job search results, try these three strategies.

  1. Email your resume to the decision maker. 
    Don’t know who that is? Research the company on LinkedIn to determine who works there and their titles. Depending on the position you are applying for, find the right party to email your resume to directly. You can send an email to ask about connecting and indicate that you are interested in their company.
  2. Don’t be afraid of the phone. Too many people are afraid to pick up the phone and call the company. Ask for the decision maker (see step 1 – research on LinkedIn). Explain that you applied and are very interested in the position. Be prepared with key points that resonate with why you are a good fit for the position.
  3. Work your network. I have had some clients tell me they don’t want anyone to know they are unemployed. Bad idea. When you are working and looking for a new job, you should be cautious in broadcasting your intent. Use stealth mode  with a select and trusted network then. If you are unemployed or laid off with an uncertain future, you need to let people know. Network sincerely. Build lifetime networks and offer help to others. When you are in need of help, with a lifetime network, you will have proved your value and it will be easy for people to say yes when you ask for help.

For better job search results, don’t be afraid of a no. This is the main reason most people don’t succeed in job search. The no is so overwhelming to them and so scary that they never ask for help, never make the call, never email their resume to decision makers. Fellow professional resume writer, Melissa Cooley, wrote a blog post that speaks about the spray and pray strategy and why it doesn’t work to spray your resumes around and pray that one sticks:

Be a smart job seeker and use strategies that get better job search results. Results are interviews and offers.

Julie Walraven is a triple-certified resume writer whose interactive coaching style helps job seekers earn winning positions when she creates tactical resumes and LinkedIn profiles to market you for success. Learn more here.

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