Can you be found online through Google?

Can you be found online through Google?Can you be found online? One of the first things I do when I want more information about someone is Google them. I do this for people who may be potential clients, professionals I want to work with (think doctors, lawyers, accountants), and people I see as key players in organizations.

When I wanted to know about a management change announced for a local restaurant, I looked first at the “About” page for the restaurant page to find the names of the new management. I then Googled the General Manager and the Chef. But I found very little that told me about their skill sets in either management or restaurants. Or anything really about their personality or background.

Test your Google “find-ability”

If you use Gmail or other Google services, log out (sign out) and then run your test. Type in your name in the Google search box and see what comes up. I check my results for both my name (Julie Walraven) and my company name (Design Resumes) regularly. You want not only to be found, but you want to be found with positive results for the topics you want represented.

Why do you need to check your Google ranking?

  1. We changed from a world where everyone has a phone book handy to a world of cell phones, Facebook, and LinkedIn. If you are like me, you no longer have a landline in the phone book. You are going to be hard to find even for Aunt Bonnie who you last saw 5 years ago at the family reunion – unless you do have a great online presence.
  2. As you look for a new job or career, employers will Google you. You want them not only to find something positive, you want to be found online.
  3. If you are in business and selling services, you will be Googled by potential clients. Without a solid presence to help you be found online, you will lose out on potential sales.

To be found online, where do I start?

  1. Start with the basics like LinkedIn. Make sure your profile has your photo, is complete, and is optimized with the skills and expertise that you would like others to find.
  2. You decide how you want Facebook to work for you in your career. If you are in business or are an entrepreneur, Facebook builds relationships quickly. You might want to see what others see when they check you out on Facebook.
  3. My own exploration online started with reading blogs. I started commenting on the blogs I read. When you comment on a blog, it adds to your Google results because comments are searchable. In fact, commenting on blogs was how I came to be found online, made lasting friends, and later led me to much of my online visibility.

There are many more ways to be found on Google but if you start with the above, you will develop a findable presence.

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