We all know someone who started one career and realized it was the wrong direction. It is what you do about that information that matters.

Did you choose the wrong direction?

Sometimes it was the right direction at that time. You had passion for a specific field or industry and followed it.

In college, you took all the right courses, spent time building skills, even participated in the right internships.

When you graduated, you landed a role that was top-tier for a new grad and you were excited.

But it fizzled.

Signs you are going in the wrong direction

Fortunately, life isn’t over at 34 or 44 or even 54. You can and should change direction if you wake up wishing it was Friday instead of Monday. When you count the days to your vacation and you just came back, it is a sign that you don’t love your work.

What? Love my work?

Yes, that. Most people focus on the next step of their career out of a sense of obligation and not joyfully doing a job they love are in need of reassessment.

Sometimes you are drawn in by a salary or benefits or prestige. You don’t admit you are unhappy to anyone but it affects every aspect of your life.

Joy in your work should be something that is your focus but you shelve it because you are afraid to step out of your comfort zone.

How to redirect your career

First, understand that you have choices. 

Identify what you do love. What does make you happy? If you were to do anything, what would make you want to jump out of bed in the morning.

Recognize the obstacles. Where is this dream job? Would it mean a lower salary?

Focus on the opportunity. What costs would you be willing to lower?

There are always options but there is trade-off. You may need to cut costs and change your lifestyle. Are you willing to do that for your happiness?

The possibility exists that redirecting your career path may even make your life choices better.

How do you prepare?

The age-old process of resume writing is actually key because in the process you recognize the skills you have to make this new career work, if you do it right. I have walked many people through changing directions. Curious about a change, let’s talk.