How to chase success when it seems far away

How to chase success when it seems far awayChase success? What does that even mean? These days there is so much bad news that success does seem far away. If you give up, you’ve lost before you get started.

Often when I talk to job seekers and entrepreneurs, they are fearful and sometimes ready to quit. You have to determine if your goal is worth going after and if you have decided that will work, then you need to determine the steps you need to take to get to the goal.

Why chase success?

Some people assume that success is an all or nothing proposition. Either you will get the job or you won’t. Either your business will grow or it won’t. But in reality, life rarely comes in all or nothing sizes. Sometimes you will chase one job only to find that there is a better one right around the corner. If you quit before you land the one that fits you best, you will be frustrated.

Business, now that is a whole different matter. You land a job once, usually at most you have to do it again in 3 to 5 years. But business, as an entrepreneur, you have to chase success daily. You can’t just assume that if you do something once, success will fall in your lap.

You have to strategically plan for success and work your plan daily. In addition, you have to prepare for those days when nothing goes right. You can be doing things just the same way you did for the last five successful months and things might bottom out. The worst thing you can do is let that get under your skin. Disillusionment always wins when you focus on it instead of chasing success.

Is success around the corner?

Many people wonder if there is a specific time when it is better to change jobs, find a new job, or build a business. With all my years in the career industry, working with people from multiple industries from entry-level to executive, I can tell you that there is never a best time. The best time is always now. If you wait for tomorrow, there will be another obstacle, more economic issues, more political unrest, it just continues. Chase success now and don’t give up just because it seems harder than yesterday.

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