Is your job getting in the way of your success?

Is your job getting in the way of your success?There are times when success is fleeting because we are too busy doing our job.

A personal story of how success can be derailed by busyness

I can relate. One of the ways I grow my business is by writing job search content here on this blog. But in the busyness of writing resumes and LinkedIn profiles, I have found it harder to write the content that brings people to my website.

Not only is there value in the way of potential clients when I write more content, I find it also helps me because I am more creative when I write things outside of the normal client projects. In addition, I find myself thinking deeper about the problems that job seekers face and this makes it easier for me to explain the process of job search to new clients.

When I started this blog, I was busy but in 2016, I have been blessed beyond measure with wonderful clients. I found myself so busy this year that I had to limit the number of client appointments per day because there is no downtime.

To give the high level of consultative coaching and writing that I offer, I needed to reconsider my calendar and my process.

What causes a job to get in the way of success?

You may find that you too have a job that is getting in the way of your success. I can recognize it in others better than myself. I met a young mother who held an executive global marketing role. She mentioned that emails started coming in at 4am. I recognize that for some jobs, you need to speak with team members and that might mean working outside your time zone. In her case though, the alerts for emails were coming in and waking her up. This was making her less effective at work and it was harder to give quality time for her young child.

I told her that I turned the alerts off of my phone and set a do not disturb zone so that I would get the rest I need and suggested that she look into doing the same.

Acknowledge that the ability to give quality in your job is more important than being available 24/7. You need rest and breaks to deliver quality. You cannot keep an extraordinary pace for a long time and when you do, multiple aspects will suffer including your job.

For me, going forward, I plan to find more time to write new content and work on other projects and education that enhance my ability to be better at my work. I also plan to schedule in more time for Julie because only by taking care of me can I offer the value my clients desire and deserve!

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