Why I changed resume writing to a collaborative experience

When I create your resume, it is a collaborative experience.

This differs from 95% of resume writers because I never go away to write. You have my full attention in every session.

I’ve been called crazy by some of my colleagues (in good humor, of course) because I let you look over my shoulder.

Why a collaborative experience?

I found early on that while job seekers need a qualified and creative resume writer, they also need someone to listen.

Job search is scary and most job seekers are filled with questions.

People who work with me to write their resume and create their LinkedIn profile get a partner in their job search.

What the benefits of this method?

  • You aren’t alone. You have someone to talk through the concerns you have and help you overcome your fears.
  • When you have questions about job search, you can ask it directly. People ask me all kinds of questions while we are working together. Most of the time, I have the answer ready but when I don’t, I have many resources to ask.
  • I get a better understanding of who you are and that helps write your resume.
  • My questions help you remember resume success stories that you might forget.
  • With my extensive experience in the career industry, I point out more resources and strategies for you as we work together.
  • As someone who works with LinkedIn daily, our collaborative experience lets me clue you in to how LinkedIn works and strategies to make it work for you.

What do people think?

People who work with me love the interaction and the voice they get in what their resume and LinkedIn look and feel like. We pick the formatting and layout together with me as your guide and successful samples to help you gain confidence.

Many of my former clients are friends for life. I don’t see our interaction as a one time thing so many of my clients opt to stay connected on social media, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter. I get to know them as real people, celebrate their successes, see photos of their families, and celebrate their victories. They check in when they have a questions and refer their friends and family to me.

Would you benefit from a collaborative experience? Let’s Talk!

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You may be halfway across the country or the world. When you work with me, we share coffee, laughs, and concerns. This turns the scary job search into creative, consultative writing and learning sessions.