When you are afraid to make the career jump

It is scary to make a career jump, especially when your career is at stake. The leap of faith it takes to give up the certain for the uncertain makes many people stick it out in uncomfortable, unpleasant, or even dangerous situations.

What to do first to prepare for a career jump

Never go into a career change blindly or unprepared. This means:

  • Create or update your resume frequently
  • Keep active on LinkedIn and make sure your profile is complete and robust
  • Learn networking principles so you are not left high and dry
  • Understand how job search changed
  • Maintain your skills and add new ones to stay cutting edge
  • Prepare for the interview

Always be ready for change

My belief is everyone should be ready for a career change or career jump at any time. I hold strongly to the belief that no job is forever. Working with job seekers for more than half of my life has shown me how temporary even the best job is in any economy.

Mergers and acquisitions play a role in many job changes. While the assurance that no one will lose their job is usually part of a merger announcement, there is usually change to staffing levels or relocation offers. Some people get angry when they are displaced.

Corporate restructuring is a common business strategy. Many companies feel they need to continue to evolve. This can be very frustrating for the employees satisfied in their job only to find that their job ends in the next wave of restructuring.

Anytime you threaten someone’s security, there will be anger and frustration. If you channel that anger and recognize opportunity, you will face change and be able to land on your feet.

2018 is right around the corner

While it may still seem like a long time to the new year, January 1 is less than three months ago. In my experience, most job seekers take more than three months to prepare and find their new role. Every company structures their interview process differently, but most have a series of interviews.

The right role for you is not always the first one you select. You may find that you need to interview with multiple companies before the right job comes along.

Be prepared for the next opportunity so you can make the jump if you want to change. Need some help?

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