Could we agree to disagree and just be happy?

Can we agree to disagree?Agree to disagree? What a concept! I know there are people who are as worn out as I am by the rhetoric these days. Not by the candidates either but by people who normally would be friends. Suddenly the hatred being spewed on Facebook, Twitter, and everywhere else is taking over and human kindness is hard to find.

Frankly, I, like many others, would just like us to agree to disagree and move on. I am a champion of using social media and keeping an online presence as an asset for job seekers and for small businesses or entrepreneurs but that means a positive presence. Just because you can share something doesn’t mean you should and just because you can comment, doesn’t mean you should. I choose to ignore most of the content out there – not because I am uninformed but my clients and friends come from diverse places and I don’t want to offend them.

You can learn information online without making yourself look mean and cruel – and this applies to any opinion you hold about anything. For any thought you have, someone has the opposite one. What I see happening is that many people find it just fine to share whatever they find that matches their opinion and never think about how it affects anyone else. In our current political climate, this is asking for trouble.

Could you agree to disagree?

Everyone is not going to agree with you. Accept it. We have different views on everything but calling people stupid who don’t agree with you just makes you look… well… stupid… You don’t have to agree with me either. I just ask you to think about what you say and ask yourself if it really needs to be said, shared, or commented. Until then, I will take a backseat to most of social media. But just remember, your next customer or employer may also be seeing your Facebook shares or Tweets and perhaps not see you in the same light.

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