Did you know September is International Update Your Resume Month?

You may not know that September is officially registered as International Update Your Resume Month (UYRM)! Frankly, it slips by me too.

Laura DeCarlo, President of Career Directors International shared a reminder on LinkedIn in August.

Why is International Update Your Resume Month important?

Even though I had advance warning, I still didn’t find time to share this information. This happens to job seekers all the time. They know they should update their resume for the next opportunity, but they make excuses and fail to act.

Like me, they may put a reminder on their calendar or planner list. Unless you act on the reminder, it just keeps getting pushed back in favor of more pressing issues.

Why update your resume?

The longer you wait to capture your career achievements, the harder it is to remember those critical success points. The job market remains hot but only for the people who are ready. Identifying your success stories and taking a proactive approach to be ready for the next opportunity.

Writing a resume at the last minute often means you must do it yourself because professional resume writers act on a first come first served basis. Your emergency request takes a back burner to someone who is already in the workflow.

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Did you know September is International Update Your Resume Month?

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