Do your work better to win your reward

Do work better

What does that mean? Do your work better? Most people settle for mediocrity. If you want to be successful, you won’t settle. You will continue to work harder to do your work better.

How do you do your work better?

If you are in a people business, you won’t just settle to deliver the service or product to the customer or client. You will take it one step further by making the service or product special. This might mean that you double-check to make sure the product or service is correct.

  • You work in a restaurant. Doesn’t matter if you are the bus person or restaurant owner. To do your work better, you make it a special experience for every person who walks in the door. You greet them, call them by namewhenever possible (think the theme song from Cheers – where everybody knows your name.)
    • You make them feel welcome and wanted. You make the food choices sound irresistible. You assure that every course is delivered promptly and is superb. You make sure there is water and napkins and all the little touches that make the customer feel appreciated. You do your work better.
  • You work in manufacturing. You go beyond punching the clock. You make sure that qualityis maintained in everything you touch. If you are a supervisor, you help your employees reach the next level building leaders who one day will lead the team or even the company.
    • You continually study and if you are in management, you listen to the employees and investigate opportunities for improvement in processes and reward those who save the company time and money. You deploy supply chain solutions that resolve demand volatility, unreliable suppliers, and create systems to streamline supply chain processes. You appreciate the team and respect those you work with. Your behavior on and off the job is an example to others. You do your work better.
  • You are in IT. You complete projects on time and collaborate with others on the team to deliver quality work. You study opportunities for integration and engineer complex global business transformation projects that will yield $3 million over 3 years in cost savings after implementation.
    • You create internal classroom and eLearning curriculum so you can better train end users and reduce transaction error rates. You do your work better.
  • You are in sales or sales management. You make every customer experience positive. Youidentify specific ways to better execute service and complete projects to meet customer deadlines.
    • You coach and mentor employees using role-playing and conversation flow strategies, which means regularly exceeding sales goals. You expand and grow understanding of the customer’s objectives becoming a trusted advisor who helps them achieve their fiscal and strategic goals. You do your work better.

What is the reward if you do your work better?

You don’t settle for mediocrity. You do your work better.

The rewards? The rewards for doing your work better have to start from the inside. While more pay and promotions are needed, you need to be rewarded first by an internal desire to do your work better. When you do this and feel it inside, the outside rewards will come. You finish first when you do your work better.

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