Does your resume scream "I'm Old" or "I'm Outdated?"

Is my resume making me look Old and Outdated?When you are creating your job search marketing strategy, you need to consider the message you are sending.

  • If your resume style and strategy look like they were written in 1980, you will too.
  • If your resume looks like it just came off the Microsoft template, you will look like a template job seeker not an original thinker.
  • If you leave every old position on your resume because it was a great job at that time, you will look old and outdated.

The most critical message for job seekers to understand is that they are creating a marketing plan and the product is the job seeker. If you are using old, outdated strategies and listing every position you ever held, you will not get return calls.

If you are only using a point and click strategy to find and apply for jobs on job boards, you will not succeed quickly. Yes, there are people who do get interviews from job boards but they are the ones who took the time to make their resume resonate with the right terms and keywords to match the position.

Why you should read the job description

One of the best places for you to get more in tune with what the employer needs is from the job description. You want to capture the essence of what they are looking for in your resume. Capitalize on the keywords and evaluate your accomplishments to be sure you are writing them as accomplishments and not as boring duties.

My samples are the pages that get hardest on this site and that’s OK with me. It means that people are benefiting from the ideas presented and using them to create their own message. Last week, we added three new samples: A 2012 version of a Facility Manager resume, an HR student resume, and a Senior Pastor resume. We have more being fictionalized to add new ideas to the pool.

Through my samples, I reach people who may never work with me. Though there are many new clients drawn in by the samples because they specifically need to target their job search to the resume featured, I can’t possibly work with all the 100s of people who view the samples daily. But if you are not working with me as a client, make sure your resume has the leading strategies that say that you are a marketable product.

Don’t let your resume scream old and outdated!

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  1. Grace Kennedy on June 8, 2012 at 7:04 am

    I just checked out your samples. They are amazing. They will help me a great deal. Thanks for sharing.

    • Julie Walraven on June 25, 2012 at 5:49 am

      Thank you, Grace. I missed this comment. Glad they helped you out.

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