Don't sacrifice your dreams!

Don't sacrifice your dreams!I was talking with a client this morning who is employed and fairly well compensated but the job has changed and the creativity and strategizing is gone. This client is not alone. Many people who may still have a job have a job that doesn’t provide the satisfaction. You can look at that many ways. If you have a paycheck, it’s a good thing. My business, Design Resumes, was founded on helping people realize their dreams. If you are hanging on and settling just to keep that job you hate, you need to do something about it.

I believe that people need to work to finding their life purpose and find a job that will let them live out that life purpose. The life purpose may be redefined as you mature and change your focus but you should always be working toward that goal.

What does working toward your life purpose mean?

You know that there are some things that make you very happy. You may do some of them or even all of them in your present job.

  • If you are good at motivating others, you will be happiest when your job puts you in the role of motivating others through training or writing or coaching or mentoring.
  • If you are good at numbers, you will find joy when you have a task that lets you work with numbers. As an accountant or banker, you will be happy as you resolve a problem.
  • If you are excellent in process improvement, you will be happiest when you find the opportunity to develop a plan and execute it, measuring the results and determining that your improvement made something better.
  • If you are good at teaching, you will find yourself happiest when you are teaching the subject matter of your choice and even happier when you see that a student gets it and takes the knowledge and runs with it.
  • If you are good with computers, you will be happy when you unsnarl a problem and get things working properly again.

You get the picture — whatever it is that brings you to that happy place is your talent, your gift, your life purpose. When you have that you don’t sacrifice your dreams.

Why settling is wrong

Many people settle. They get a job. They hate the job. It doesn’t challenge them. It doesn’t bring them joy. But they do the job because they have bills to pay and they want to be able to eat and pay the rent or mortgage. All the while though, they are struggling with the seeds of discontent because they settled. They may not even be able to define what job it is that they want to do, they only know what makes them happy.

What should I do to get back my life dream?

Before you throw in the towel and decide it cannot be done, start the steps to finding your life purpose. Don’t sacrifice your dreams! Make sure you have created the value-infused resume that will help you when you have that opportunity. Don’t let your life pass by. I specialize in career marketing because the resume writing and other pieces like LinkedIn help me help my clients to find their life purpose and look for that job that matches those goals. It may mean a career transition. It could even mean launching an entrepreneurial endeavor but you should never sacrifice your dreams.

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