Everything you need to succeed is already there

Everything you need to succeed is already there.You decided the world is working against you.  You will never succeed. It is the economy, it is your industry, it is the fault of the government, you can not win.

Really? I see job seekers and career changers every day who are so beaten down and feel like they don’t stand a chance in this current time. But they are wrong.

They already have everything they need to succeed.

They think they don’t but in reality, they do. How do I know? I have proven it.

My regular blog readers, they know that I made a drastic change in December of 2009. Apparently, I was oblivious to the economy because I chose at that point to drop the last of my predictable contract income from non-profits and go solo into the career industry.

I’m no stranger to the career industry, I wrote resumes and other career marketing documents since 1983.

But it was always either a side business while I worked a full time job, parented my sons, or was partnered with non-profit contracts.

When I dropped the last contract, I changed my focus to only career marketing with a goal of building and expanding from a primarily local business to a more globally-focused business.

I hoped to reach some of my financial and personal goals in the process. Non-profit contracts are great but they took all my energy and left no time for me to focus on building my business.

However, everything I needed to succeed, I already had.

I had great connections to the career community to grow my knowledge base. I could learn social media strategies and I had access to some of the greatest minds in the world through contacts I met online.

In two years, I helped many clients throughout the world succeed and my own business, Design Resumes is running 53% ahead of last year and already exceeded 2010 revenues by 12%.

Failing economy, I think not. My business weathered both good and bad economies. I can tell you that strategies I use today make the difference. You can decide – are these the worst of times or perhaps these are really the best of times?

Are you blaming the economy?

If you watch the news lately you see people blame the economy for their problems. Here’s the reality, my clients armed with a great accomplishment-driven resume and creative job strategies find jobs of their dreams all the time.

For some, it will take longer than others because either they are not exerting as much focus in the search or they set too many limitations on what their dream position looks like.

For entrepreneurs, this is the very best time to be in business.

You have more tools than ever in the past to find new customers or clients and to talk to them directly using social media. You can market both products and services to people throughout the world.

My point is you can stop whining about how bad the economy is and get what you need either as a job seeker or as an entrepreneur to make it work. You already have everything you need to succeed!

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