Why it is an enormous mistake to say actively seeking

What if I put banners up on my website saying actively seeking new clients? Unless it is nearly impossible to get appointments with me and this was a rare occurrence, most people would be repelled.

Why? If I have to announce I am hunting for clients, I must not be very good at what I do. When I am too available, it must mean that I’m not worth the investment.

Yet, this is a common way job seekers announce their availability on LinkedIn:

Actively Seeking New Opportunities

What message are you sending? Yes, it tells the reader you are available but most of the time, people like it if you appear hard to get.

Remember the schoolyard when some of the kids yelled, “pick me, pick me” but no one did? Same thing in job search.

If your LinkedIn profile is well-written, full of keywords for the industry and types of jobs you desire, don’t call out you are available. Hiring Managers will find you if you have what they want. However, sometimes the market is full of your type of skills so no one is looking. Then what?

Don’t say actively seeking employment

  • Position yourself as remarkable!
  • Let the hiring managers know you are interested in their company.
  • Pick up the phone.
  • Find connections to the business.
  • Send networking letters to close contacts who can help get you connected.

Indicate your value on LinkedIn and make sure your resume meets the targets you seek. If you are changing industries, don’t sell to the wrong industry. Sell to the one you want. Transform your resume to fit the target and use compelling resume stories to attract the decision-maker.

Why is job search so hard?

Just like anything worthwhile takes time, finding a job that will support you and your family for the next three to five years is a process. It won’t fall in your lap. If you are talented and persistent, you will find the right opportunity. Then you will be the winner! Would you like my help in your career journey? Learn More

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Why it is an enormous mistake to say actively seeking

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