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Exciting NewsExciting News — Improved Method of Getting Content to you!

Many changes have happened here in the last few months. I thought I would take this blog post to let you know what they are and how they might impact you. First of all, if you enjoy reading my content, I moved to MailChimp. It has been a difficult journey trying to find the right provider for my blog list and email lists. When I started this blog, I had used Google’s Feedburner for my email and RSS signups. For those of you who aren’t in my world of blog writing and website work, services like Feedburner and MailChimp allow you to get my latest posts in your inbox. I tried many things, including trying MailChimp once before. I couldn’t figure it out at the time. I think my mindset just wasn’t right

Capture MailChimp Sign-upFor those of you who aren’t in my world of blog writing and website work, services like Feedburner and MailChimp allow you to get my latest posts in your inbox. I tried many things, including trying MailChimp once before. I couldn’t figure it out at the time. I think my mindset just wasn’t right and of course, I didn’t ask for help either. I moved to Feedblitz for awhile but I really struggled there especially when I forgot which email I used and found that one was my email for my dashboard and account at Feedblitz and my other email was the one I used to subscribe to other blogs. Duh!

Last night I figured out how to export my Feedburner and FeedBlitz lists and then import them into MailChimp. Now almost all my subscribers are in one place. Yay! Almost, because I think there may still be a few people who subscribed via JetPack, which was another failed experiment. But this is progress.

If you always wanted to subscribe, this is a good time! You can sign up via the Widget on the top right corner. (see graphic).

I expect there will be some changes to the MailChimp emails because there is a learning curve (Glad I can ask Travis!) I’m a resume writing expert, excellent at capturing your stories and creating dynamic resumes, LinkedIn profiles, and many other aspects of job search but I still am learning about things like MailChimp. You need to know where the experts are for the things you don’t know!

Exciting News — Blog is moved to SiteGround

I enlisted the help of Travis Augustine, my tech guru who used to own a hosting company, to move my blog from Hostgator to Siteground. This blog has 860+ blog posts and I didn’t want to break it. We made the move over Memorial Day weekend and if you are a frequent visitor to Design Resumes, you probably didn’t even notice. It was seamless. There was a short downtime but traffic was also lower because of the holiday. Thank you, Travis!

What does this mean for you? I believe that my emails may have been blacklisted and that meant that people were probably not getting my content and also that they may not have been able to email me. Now you should easily be able to reach me if you send an email and you will be able to access the site for the great job search advice in those 860+ posts.

Exciting News — The Career Industry thinks I know what I am doing!

Within the last year or so, I earned three new certifications:

➞ Certified Executive Resume Master
➞ Certified Master Resume Writer
➞ Certified Career Enlightenment LinkedIn Writer

Combined with the one I earned in 2003, ➞ Certified Professional Resume Writer, I am multi-certified. People who decide to work with me know that I am dedicated to staying on the cutting edge — of the career industry and of technology. I want to make sure I offer the best there is to you and make it the most accessible to you via this blog and other platforms.

Exciting News — New Calendly App!

This may not seem like exciting news to you but for someone like me who loves technology (especially when it works), I love this app. What does it does it do? It allows prospective clients to schedule a time to talk and my current clients to find times in my schedule for our working appointments. I know my colleagues were using apps like this for a long time but I thought I didn’t need it. The benefits are huge! The client can book an appointment with me at midnight (I’ll be sleeping but I will see it in the morning) You pick the time zone but it correlates with my Google calendar so no matter where you are, you end up at the right time for you and for me. One of my new clients in Belguim thinks it is great!

If you are someone who wants to chat about working together, you can pick the 20-minute Calendly option and we will discuss your needs. No back and forth with emails or phone calls, you book the time and I will respond.

I admit, there was a learning curve. I forgot to block out meals so I ended up with 25 client appointments one week. That’s a little many. I try to stick with no more than 18 appointments per week. Too many appointments and I will be a less effective resume writer and career marketing strategist.

Exciting News — My process helps you Win!

I can’t tell you how many people have loved the live and interactive writing appointments. Clients recognize that while we are gathering the information to write their resume, they are learning more about themselves and this helps in the interviews. Practicing those stories we uncover has made them more confident and that leads to winning the new jobs.

No matter what you think about resumes, they aren’t dead. Listen to this from one of my young clients:

I just wanted to say thanks. The resume you wrote for me has done wonders. My territory manager sent it out to a bunch of agents in the area for a paid internship. Within an hour I had three agents calling requesting I come work for them. I will strongly recommend your services to my friends and family.

Yes, that’s exciting and that’s what happens. I work with young people, experienced professionals, entrepreneurs, executives in all different fields, industries, and occupations. The commonality is that they all want to succeed, they are willing to learn how to communicate virtually, and they love the interaction of my process. A personalized coaching and writing process that captures who you are.

At the time of this writing, I am not an affiliate of any of these services. I just like them!

If you want to experience how I can help you reach your career goals, start here at Let me write your resume. Or Call me at 715-574-5263, email at juliewalraven@designresumes.com. Or schedule an appointment with Calendly!

Photo credit: Sebastien Wiertz

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