Find beauty in the clouds

Find beauty in the clouds

Clouds often make it hard to feel happy. A photographer friend in Miami commented on my Facebook post today and I told him to keep sending the beautiful sunsets. He replied, “It’s cloudy today” and I replied, “Find beauty in the clouds.” His response is that they are all grey.

Sometimes life seems like this. All grey and cloudy. And we don’t like it. We want sunshine and good weather as well as good times. We get frustrated when our lives don’t go the way we want.

There is balance in having cloudy days

Just the way that all sunshine isn’t good — without rain, nothing grows, we need to see the balance in the not perfect days too. You will be sick, you will lose a job, you will not have all the financial means to buy everything you want, but you can’t focus only on this. You need to find the beauty in the clouds.

In my life, I have had more than my share of cloudy days. Things have certainly not always gone right but I learn from those bad days. In fact, it was during the dark days that Design Resumes was first launched. It was a way to bring in income for my family and meet my goal of helping others at the same time. Like many entrepreneurs, I struggled to get the mix right and it took a long time. I kept my pricing too low even when I knew others priced their resume services higher. I spent little time doing the right marketing because I was busy with other endeavors or just feeling sorry for myself. I made financial choices that didn’t match my income because I felt I had to “help” suppliers or vendors.

If I had stuck with my pattern, I would have gone bankrupt. But I looked for resources that could teach me cost-effective marketing and I found ways to increase my visibility. I also made a definitive change in how I saw myself. I began to realize that I was given a gift that could help for my family financially and help other people reach their career goals, which in turn would help them reach their financial goals.

Grey days and clouds have lessons hidden in them

In order to move forward, I had to recognize that I was missing the opportunity to grow. This would not have happened easily if all was going well. You have to struggle somewhat to want to change things.

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