When the unexpected happens to you

We all face the unexpected every day. The degree to which that “unexpected” varies. Unexpected can range from sudden job loss or a death in the family to a simple lost key or a water main breakdown. Unexpected things that happen from the bad side of thing are never fun.

The good side of unexpected

There is the other side of unexpected that happens too. You find money you didn’t have or you get a call from a friend you didn’t expect or you win a prize. We like that kind of unexpected!

The bad kind of unexpected

We hate the other kind – the bad kind of unexpected. How you react is key. I wrote Roll with the Punches on some of my unexpected events last summer. Another post, When Depression takes over, touches on the tough topic of depression. When someone faces job loss, or broken relationships, children using drugs or alcohol, or someone they love dies, it is easy to lose hope.

Getting back to looking forward

This is tough stuff and you have to work at getting back to looking forward. Back to looking forward, huh? That sounds weird. But really, when we are wallowing in self-pity or stuck in a depression, we have to turn things around. Some people are able to do this alone. If you can, great.

If you can’t, don’t be afraid to ask for help. In my post What makes a resume or job search weak, I offered some local resources for help from counselors I know personally.

During this past year, local clients took advantage of those counseling resources. They shared how much it helped. The right counselor can help someone who needs an expert to sort through their issues and help them move forward.

No one is immune

It seems that in my life, there is a new challenge all the time. They range from really tough stuff to minor annoyances. Not long ago, this would make me very annoyed. Now I am just putting one foot in front of another.

How do you get back to looking forward?

Looking backward all the time hurts. You can’t do that and move forward. Figure out what went wrong, figure out how to fix it, and then go forward. For the big issues, get help from an expert. For the little ones, look at it strategically and see if you can figure out what to do different next time.

Lost keys – figure out where to put them all the time. I put mine in my purse, works better for women than men. Make a spare. Many men keep a spare car key or even house key in their wallet. Or give a spare to a family member, friend, or neighbor you trust.

Broken water main – in my life, I find that usually the city is on it before I would even call but if you need to call, call them. Keep a number of a good plumber handy (or electrician or carpenter.) Back-up plans help when thing break down. I find it really helps you be thankful when you do hit one of these glitches. Start appreciating what works every day. Every day you have running water. Each day your electricity works. Every day you have a roof over your head. Say thanks!

Broken technology – keep your passwords handy. Know who handles which part of your services. Be grateful for the many times it does work!

Unexpected money problems

Sudden expenses – Save $1,000 and put it in a separate account. If you spend it on an emergency, resave it before you start paying down bills or spending money on other things. Since I did this, I have had to repay it but I feel so much calmer when the car breaks or something else goes wrong.

Uneven cash flow – as a self-employed person who is the major income in our family, some months are fantastic and some are not. I am building a larger cash flow emergency fund to cover expenses.

If you do the same, if you do experience sudden job loss, you will be calmer. Then repay that too in the good times.

All of these tips help you when the unexpected happens. Don’t get destroyed by the unexpected!

Stuck in your job search or just ready to move on or up from your existing position? Julie Walraven, a Wausau, Wisconsin-based professional resume writer and career marketing strategist, can help you get ready for your next role! To find out how, Click here!

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