Have you been to the website yet? Google!

Have you been to the website yet? Google!Marketing changed dramatically in the past few years. When a prospect client calls Design Resumes, this is one of my first questions, “have you been to the website yet?”

If they answer yes, then I explore where they see their career taking them and how I can help them.

If they answer no, then I need to go into much more depth about how services are delivered and whether working with me makes sense to them.

Are you using Google?

I live in Central Wisconsin but my clientele are worldwide. It seems like someone on the east coast or west coast is more likely to have checked me out online than someone living in Central Wisconsin.

My question for you today is, “Are you using all the resources available to you?” If I want to know something about a business or anything else, my first step is to Google.

On the flip side, my expectation of a business or service is that I can find them on their own website.

I believe firmly in owning your own real estate so if you are in business, the first thing you should do is set up a website.

If you are a consumer, Google should be your first step. Phone books help but because they often use outdated databases with unverified information, you get the wrong number or the wrong contact information.

What if I am looking for a job?

Once again Google should be your first stop.

If you know you want to work for a company, check out their website. Learn all about products, personnel, services, history and while you are at it, check out their career section.

Often you find that companies without active postings on job boards have jobs on their website or even an invitation to apply if you have certain skills.

In addition, you may find you have a network connection who can get you to speak to someone at the company and learn about an upcoming opportunity.

If you bring value to an organization, you should be thinking of ways to understand their needs and contact them not always depending on job postings.

So ask yourself, “Have you been to the website?” and Google!

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