I haven’t heard back on my application, what should I do?

Dead silence. You haven’t heard back on your application for the top job you applied to last week, what should you do?

Often, people ask me for ideas for an email after the application silence.

Take it out of an electronic exchange.

If you haven’t heard back:

Don’t email. Find a phone number.

Time for espionage 101. Do some research to find a direct line to someone in the position to hire someone at your level. You can use your computer to dig for phone numbers but use your phone whenever you haven’t heard back.

Dig deep. Who is the decision-maker for your type of position?

Follow up on every application

Follow up before you are waiting to hear back. Dig deep to find connections that can get you to hiring decision-makers in your field. Network with them before you hit radio silence.

Dig even deeper to understand what is happening in your industry before there is application to fill out. Avoiding the hidden job market is common for most job seekers. Look for the opportunities that could be looming because the company is expanding. Stay connected with others in your industry. Attend trade shows, conferences, alumni associations to connect with people who can help you.

Learn the art of conversation. Talk to people. You would be surprised at what you can learn if you put your mind to listening to others.

In our over-electronic world, we lost the art of listening. Keep your eyes open and you will hear of companies expanding, launching new product lines, and broadening their base. Ears to the ground. These are the basics of job espionage 101.

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