What are you procrastinating? How does it impact your life and career?

Are you procrastinating? Here’s the deal. No matter if it is January or December. Do you realize you were just given 365 days to start over? Anyone can start over any day but we tend to make a big deal of beginnings.

What are you procrastinating?

Actually, people put things on hold for many reasons but the biggest reason is FEAR. Yes, I said it out loud. You and I, we are afraid of taking the next step and afraid of moving forward. Most of all, you and I are afraid of change.

Even if you are totally unhappy, it takes a lot to make a change out of the comfortable and into the unknown.

That’s where I come in.

I work with stuck job seekers. Afraid to take the step making them face the unknown. Job seekers who need change so desperately as they know they have skills that could be better used. People go to work hating every minute. Heck, some people dread every Monday. They know they will face more of the same.

Facing more of the same but not having the guts to take a chance

I take the fear out of job search and I have done it for a very long time for a host of job seekers. Since I understand the challenges that scare you, I help you take the first step. We work together writing your resume. You know what it looks like as we do it together. I ask the hard questions and I answer your hard questions.

You are not alone. You have me! I understand. Let me help you to win your next job and find a career that makes you happy to get out of bed. Even better, I want to help you love Mondays!

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