How to be in high demand and win the best jobs

How to be in high demand and win the best jobsWhat makes one person in high demand and another never noticed? Yesterday, a client called to let me know he won his new job as Vice President of Sales in Information Technology. He wanted to thank me for my help in preparing him to win the role.

He shared that he had also been the finalist in three jobs and all of them praised his resume.  I wasn’t surprised. This professional had many stories to tell.

It was easy to find his value because he defined clear contributions he had made to the company to help the company succeed.

Key to being in high demand

  •  Provide value to your company. Make the company succeed. It’s not all about you.

Know and care about your network

Some people know about their network but they never nurture their network. They just take. This man was all about giving back. He was always helping others to reach their goals.

Stay on top of your field and encourage others to grow

Be involved in areas that will help your company and industry. He joined an organization half a continent away and rapidly became active in learning more about his area of specialty. In fact, that’s how he learned about me, he heard it from a friend in the organization.

He coached his team to success and at his new company, he will do the same.

I am very happy for his win. Very happy he starts his new role! But I am not at all surprised. He understood how to be in high demand and the value of working with an expert to reach his goals.

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