You don't want to hire a professional resume writer, but should you?

Hire a professional resume writer

Why hiring a professional resume writer saves $$$

You don’t think you can afford it.

  • Try comparing the cost of a new resume with your salary. Many times you are looking at no more than 1-2 days of hourly pay to equal the cost of a professionally created resume. If you could shorten your job search by weeks or even months, isn’t worth the investment? Most resume writers have packages and you can select what fits you best.

Reasons you avoid hiring an expert

  • You don’t think you can afford it OR…
  • Your friend said they can do it for you… OR
  • You think this is something you should do yourself OR….
  • Read something bad somewhere about professional resume writers and you don’t trust the profession OR…
  • Think your resume is just fine OR…
  • You don’t think you need one OR…
  • fill in the blank _______________________

Don’t think you need a resume

  • You need a resume for almost every position even if you are applying online. Without writing a resume prior to applying online, you are unlikely to isolate the keywords that make resume scanning software match you to the position. For in person applications, your chances of being hired grow significantly when you have a well-written resume.

Think your resume is just fine.

  • Compare your resume to samples you find on reputable professional resume writer sites. Does your formatting have eye-appeal? Do you have Keywords throughout the resume but especially in the top half of the first page where it will get the first read. What does someone see first? Accomplishments or duties? If every accomplishment is buried in a maze of duties, no one will see them.

Read something bad somewhere about professional resume writers

  • You don’t trust the profession – you can read something bad somewhere about every profession these days. This is when you need to do your homework and check out credentials. I don’t do business with people I don’t trust either but there are so many ways to check out a professional resume writer.
    • What should you look for? Are they a member of a professional resume writing or career organization? I am a member of Career Directors International, Career Management Alliance, and Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaches and there is also the National Association of Resume Writers as well as others.
    • Is the writer credentialed? Resume writers could still be good without credentials, I didn’t become a Certified Professional Resume Writer until 2003, even though I was writing resumes since 1983. But being a CPRW or MRW or CMRW or CERW or one of many other designations that are earned through completing examinations and submitting portfolios means a writer is serious about their profession and is trained in the best strategies to make you stand out.
    • Did you review samples? Most writers have samples on their websites which may not match your career target but will give you an idea of style and professionalism.

Something you should do yourself

  • I’m stubborn that way too, only about other things. I had abnormally high blood pressure and didn’t want to see a doctor. I let a few friends know and they urged me to make an appointment.
  • You know what? I chose a professional here in Wausau, Wisconsin – a doctor – who knows more about how to handle high blood pressure than I do. He listened to me and let me choose the best solution. If I had just ignored the problem or tried to solve it myself, I might have ended up with a stroke. You don’t have to do everything yourself. Sometimes a professional is the best choice.

Friend said they could do it for you.

  • If your friend is a professional resume writer, that’s great! If not, you are better off with someone who can position you in the best light. Does your friend know that resumes need key words that are targeted to your profession? Can they write an accomplishment-based resume that showcases your best attributes and contributions?

In the end, you have to decide what works best for you but consider all of the above as you make your choice of hiring a professional or doing it yourself.

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