Hopeless job search? Easily succeed with solid networking strategies

Do you feel like you are in a hopeless job search?

You are not alone. Many people face job search or career change with fear and trepidation.

Especially if you had a long-term job, 5 or 10 or 15 years, you may wonder about your value. Since you haven’t been in the job market for a while, you may not know what changed.

False assumptions about job search

  • You can’t transition to a new field
  • The only place you can find jobs is online
  • People don’t want you to follow-up
  • You should never contact a company after you apply

Are you in a hopeless job search?

No job search is truly hopeless. You need to change your attitude along with your search strategies.

  1. Applying online is just the tip of the iceberg
  2. Target companies you would like to join
  3. Identify potential contacts who work for the company
  4. Actively use LinkedIn
  5. Use LinkedIn’s InMail to contact people when you don’t have a direct connection
  6. Write scripts to start networking with people who might help you
  7. Find an accountability partner
  8. Send thank you notes or emails throughout the search

Key to transforming a hopeless job search

When you start a job search, make sure your career marketing materials (resume, LinkedIn, and cover letters) are top-notch. This can mean research to identify current trends or hiring an expert (career professional, resume writer) to drive your job search.Hopeless job search?

In the last 30 days, 8 of my clients won new positions.

  • Facilities Manager
  • Junior IT Service Manager
  • Manager of Quality
  • Corporate Tax Director
  • Global Sourcing Manager
  • Director of Client Relations
  • President
  • Manager, Compliance, Business Partnership & Operations

Their job search wasn’t easy. They did feel hopeless at times but they were wise enough to vent with me. Even at low points, they kept on searching and networking.

Are you feeling hopeless?

Let me help turn your job search around. I can help you write a job-winning resume, create a robust LinkedIn profile, and teach you how to deploy better networking strategies. Learn more

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