How do you deal with job hops on your resume?

A LinkedIn reader asks:

I would like to a new role in the same industry but made several moves the last couple of years. When I do see something I am interested in, I am afraid of the rejection or I do get rejected because of job hops.

Do you have any suggestions for me?

What do you do if you have job hops on your resume?

Depending on the industry, you are certainly not alone. Downsizing, company closing, restructuring, mergers, and acquisitions are all potential reasons why you may have lost a job.

If you are one of many people whose companies closed, you are not alone. If you were downsized when this became the reigning strategy for struggling companies, you are in the ranks of many others.

However, there are people who have self-imposed job hops on their resumes and this does become a problem. This is where you need to own up to the problem and resolve to seriously change your strategy for job search.

You are not using any career management principles. If you are still employed right now, stay there. Don’t quit and do your best work so you don’t lose the job.

What strategies can you use to diminish the job hops or moves on your resume?

On the resume, try using a career summary on the lower back page of your resume.

List all of the jobs in chronological order but don’t detail the accomplishments in this area.

Bolster selected accomplishments and tag them with the company name so the hiring manager or recruiter can easily understand where the accomplishment occurred.

Integrate other design items such as quotes from supervisors or clients to demonstrate your successes and prove your value.

Illustrate your contributions to the company with charts or graphs if applicable.

How do you handle the fear of rejection in your job search?

Unfortunately, rejection often happens in today’s job search unless you happen to be the one they are seeking right then and there.

You need to realize that generally they are hiring one person for the job and you will not always win first place. However, like any sales manager would tell you, keep getting out there and making connections.

In sales, depending on the product and the economy, you prepare to be rejected multiple times before you succeed. Savor the wins and you will end up successful.

Networking is the strategy advocated by the majority of top career professionals. To navigate the challenges, use your network to connect with people who know and understand your value.

Start working on building that network and be the giver in the network not always the taker. People are much more willing to help you if you have helped them in the past.

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