How do you show industry expertise to hiring managers?

You may not think of job search as marketing, but it is. Many job seekers struggle with how to show industry expertise and increase the chance of being hired.

In reality, this is the same struggle marketers have with promoting services or products. How do you get the market to see the value in the product?

In job search, you, the job seeker, are the product.

What does industry expertise mean?

Companies hire people who will bring expertise or special skills to the company. The goal is to help the company grow, expand, beat the competition, become renown in the industry, invent new solutions, capture new markets, or gain new customers.

Your job is to sound like an expert. Many job seekers don’t view themselves as an expert. If you don’t plan to be the best at your job, though, why should anyone hire you?

Too many people fail to understand that basic concept. You must provide value to the employer.

How do you show industry expertise to hiring managers

Today’s market gives you endless ways to show your value but few job seekers capitalize on the opportunities.

Many people are curious about LinkedIn but they struggle to see the value beyond it being a job board. In fact, LinkedIn and the rest of the prominent social media networks (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest) all provide opportunities for you to show how you will help the company.

LinkedIn is the obvious choice for many job seekers because it was designed as a professional networking platform.

Industry expertise

You may see the area above on LinkedIn but not really know how to use it effectively. Think of it as a mini-billboard or magazine article, you can use to market to the hiring managers you want to target.

When was the last time you created content for LinkedIn?

Make sure your whole LinkedIn profile tells your story.

Begin a habit of creating industry-specific content at least three times a week. Monitor your results. Speak about your expertise. Tell people something about your industry and what you do that will resonate with hiring managers looking for your talent.

I coach people on how to improve their online identity every day. As we work together, clients who invest with me learn ways to better market themselves and show their value to hiring managers.

The results? They become more visible and they learn to seek out people who need them.

Are you ready to go from a mediocre job seeker to a job winner? Learn more.

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