How does your LIVE writing process work?

I explained to a client in Texas the other day how my husband teased me because I was adamant I would never grow a significant virtual business. I loved the interaction I get working one-on-one with my clients in my office too much.

Known for years as a resume writer who writes while the client was present. I perfected the interview process to maximize the information gathering phase.

I build the resume while the client contributes content and interjects their own personality into their resume and cover letters. In the past, I did this with the client sitting across the desk.

Back when my oldest son (now 26) was in 8th grade, I told a Junior Achievement class that someday I would have a global business. Was it just pipe dreams?

How do you deliver the LIVE writing process remotely?

This was the reason I always told my husband I would never be a major player in the virtual market.

Colleagues were using email and worksheets to gather data and adept at taking comprehensive notes over the telephone. Those options  didn’t appeal to me all that much.

What I liked was listening to my clients’ discussion of their work and transforming this into resumes, cover letters, and other career documents.

Along came Skype (and Zoom)

As I started writing LinkedIn profiles and other projects, I realized I would need to find something to let me reach out further. Very shortly after I was introduced to Skype, I realized I had the solution.

When I found the Skype share screen function, I realized it didn’t matter where the client is in the world. As long as the Internet was there, we could work exactly the same way I do with clients in my office.

With Skype at first and now Zoom, clients can see my screen and collaborate just as I do with the client sitting across the desk. Suddenly, clients in California, New York, Florida, and even Greece and the United Kingdom could be part of the LIVE writing process.

My husband is still laughing. I tell him that on a given day or week I can have more clients virtually than I can in my office.

Global business, I guess so. The clients I love working with most are the ones who understand this collaboration and have fun with the process. The combined creativity allows us to capture their value and talent in ways that showcase their personality.

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