How to conquer your fears and make critical decisions


how to conquer your fears

When you are faced with a challenge and you don’t have the skills to do the job yourself, you struggle with asking for help and the real reason is that you are afraid to make a decision.

How to conquer your fears and make critical decisions

  • Should you hire an accountant to do your taxes or advise your business or should you just muddle through on your own?
  • Should you hire an attorney to write your will or just keep procrastinating?
  • Should you repair the car or can you put it off longer?
  • The roof leaks but can you put off the repair one more year?
  • You need a new job, but can’t believe working with a resume writer or career coach would change anything.

Fear plays a big role in not making decisions

  1. What if it doesn’t help?
  2. What if the fix doesn’t last?
  3. What if I chose the wrong provider?
  4. What if I never make enough to pay for it?

In 2010, I faced many of the above scenarios myself (well except the last one about resume writers) and I had to make hard choices. I work for me (I’m self-employed) and generate the majority of our family income. I replaced the roof, had a major car repair, retained my marketing expert, and hired an accountant. I still have to hire the attorney and there are many other projects that are looming.

When you are facing a job search, you think you should be able to do it yourself even if you have no understanding of how to write an effective resume and no clue as to the current trends in job search. 

Are you afraid to move forward? Directions to how to conquer your fears and make critical decisions about your job search would solve your problem. It is difficult to be confident about the economy or the future. I refuse to sit on my hands. I do my homework to make sure my providers are ones I can trust, but I work on my goals.


  • My accountant has made me confident that my business records are correct and taxes are filed properly. And he gave me some advice that saved me more than $2000 annually in unnecessary expenses.
  • We paid $840 to repair the car in July and it has been running smoothly ever since.
  • When my construction team rebuilt the roof, they replaced rotting plywood all around the edges, which would have created even more leaks in time. It was an $8000 investment but now we can relax knowing we won’t have any more damages.
  • Clients who have made decisions to work with me at Design Resumes have also succeeded in reaching their career goals with new positions and increased income.

You can say you are afraid and either do nothing or struggle to solve your problems by yourself. Or you can trust that by making investments into repairs, services, and assistance you will be happier and on target for your future. The choice is always yours, but you should get off the fence!

I help job seekers transform their resumes and job search strategies in interactive, solution-driven strategic planning sessions. To see how I can help you, go here.

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