In 2012, my website broke. My host at the time had an outage that spanned most of two days. It was annoying. Not only did it mean I couldn’t publish new articles but the new project I was working on had to be delayed. It was an interruption. Two days seemed like a long time then but today, it is nothing because the interruption is so much longer and broader.

How do you cope with interruptions – especially those that are out of your control?

Today in 2020, we need to learn how to cope with interruptions that are bigger and broader than my singular problem in 2012. We face the global COVID-19 pandemic combined with a serious impact on the world economy and the economies of people we know and love.

When the shutdowns started, most of us thought we were looking at a two week reset to flatten the curve of the disease. But as time went on and many of us were sheltered in place, the demands to stay in place became longer.

At this point as I rewrite this, there are no clear answers to the end of the reset or the return to what we used to call normal.

How do you cope with interruptions?

Every time a website is inaccessible, it has consequences. Even though I have an amazing referral network, my website is a critical piece to help explain to the person who wants to change their future what their options are and how my services work.

The way you cope with interruptions reflects your character. You can get very angry as many people voice on Facebook. You can even throw fits or fall into despair. Or you can figure out how to move forward. If I had been sure that this was a problem that I had to tackle, I would have researched web hosts with my friends.

Yes, I probably would have used Facebook, but I would be looking to answers from people who have a stellar reputation, the technology prowess to know the global consequences of one host over another and people who have given me solid advice in the past. Fortunately, my network is vast and I am blessed with people who understand these issues and could help me find the right solution.

Today’s COVID-19 interruption is so much more vast and stretches the globe.

  • While there are jobs and people still working, some are working differently which interrupts the way they like to work.
  • For others like those in the restaurant, hospitality, tourism, sports, hair salon, entertainment industries, and multiple small businesses, they can’t even work.
  • For others, people may be struggling to determine how long this will last and can they take steps forward.

When you face disruption, like losing a job or being unhappy in your current position, you have choices. You can rant and rave. You can fall into despair or you can start looking for a solution.

Research your options and get solid advice

Today’s solutions in the career industry are vast, there are many providers and career professionals. You want to understand services offered, check to see if their reputation is stellar and get solid advice.

What you don’t want to do is fall into despair and do nothing. Too many people let the troubles in life take over and are unable to conquer their feeling of anxiety and fear. Others take bad advice or listen to people who don’t have their best interests at heart.

How did I cope with interruptions?

It is all in your attitude. When you wallow in despair, you get stuck. When you take action, you get unstuck.

Need help moving forward?

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