Your time to not only survive but thrive

These are confusing times. But think for a moment. Opportunities are born out of difficult and confusing times if you view this current COVID-19 crisis (or any other crisis) as your time to only survive but thrive.

Why is it time to not only survive but thrive?

Out of difficulty comes determination and innovation. If everything is easy, there is no reason to try harder or do something different.

I hear different viewpoints today.

There is the blame the government or your boss group. Next, comes the oh woe is me group. There’s also I am just going to party and go wild group. None of these are groups that will thrive.

  • Blamers spent their time telling everyone else what they are doing wrong.
  • Woe worriers spent their time in a negative space, which has direct effects on your health. I am a believer that negative thinking gets negative results.
  • The third group parties and often inflicts harm on themselves or others.

How will you not only survive but thrive in this tough time?

  • Perfect downtime to innovate.
  • Clear your head.
  • Research to find new ideas or new ways of looking at things.
  • Sharpen your skills.
  • Use this time to create.

For example, my friend, Shawn Hammock of Hammock Hut, is using this time to innovate. He is taking his amazing sewing machine skills that he has already used to create hammocks, messager bags, and boat cushions, into a new space. He is making masks! Link to Facebook video.

He says:

Making masks. I am doing what they say to do and staying in my own little world for the time being. I hope others are doing the same. I am happy here. I have a lot to catch up on and I am doing my best to stay positive and to use this quiet time to keep moving forward.
In this moment, my normal “routine” feels a little small given that there is so much worry in so many people’s hearts. For the past four days and four nights, I have been working on masks. I took some lessons from a really good friend and then used that to create something new.
In a perfect world, nobody would ever need a mask, but the world is not perfect now. If and when it comes down to us wearing masks, I want to be among the people that make some that are comfortable, effective, and in some strange way, happy. The videos show a little of what I have been up to. This is my best attempt so far.

When I was researching the title for this article, the words survive and thrive were swirling in my head. I didn’t know why they stuck. Maybe at some point, I heard this quote from Maya Angelou:

“My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style”

However you view life, your success is determined on your ability to not only survive but thrive.

During the last recession, I began by researching this new thing called social media. It fascinated me and I researched people using it throughout the world. At that point, it was so new that most people in Central Wisconsin were new to the concept. But I found pockets of people. Most of us at that time were using it for good. 

It was that research that led me to many of the people who helped change my life. I didn’t just look in the US, I reached out to follow leaders in innovation and ideas around the world.

Out of that research, my business model for Design Resumes changed to a virtual delivery system so I could offer resume writing to anyone in the United States and allow them to participate in the development of their resume.

I learned about LinkedIn, researching best practices and leaders in how to make it effective for marketing and for job search. Today, I teach LinkedIn best practices while I am helping clients better market themselves for new opportunities.

I delved deeper into behavioral assessments and along the way added DISC assessments to every package.

Today’s Design Resumes packages combine a vast array of tools and services to help job seekers not only survive but thrive in today’s job market.

Don’t believe the naysayers

Despite people who predicted I would fail, there were many others who valued my help and shared my name with their coworkers, family, and friends.

You too can succeed. You may have to reinvent yourself. This crisis will pass. Don’t be part of the blamers, worriers, or partiers. Use this time to research, create, and innovate.

If you need help finding your message and brand for your next opportunity, learn more here.

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Your time to not only survive but thrive

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