How to create the perfect career marketing solution

You can’t identify your career marketing solution until you know where you want to go.

What is your career marketing plan?

One of the reasons people struggle with career choices is they never defined exactly what it is they love and want to do in the short term or the long term. When you assess your unique career marketing needs, talking to an expert who can offer solutions can bring clarity and definition.

Career marketing is a life long process as the economic conditions shift and technology improvements open doors to new opportunities that a decade ago would have been impossible.

How do you form a career marketing plan?

It all goes back to the resume. People declare the resume as dead every few years. The reality is that while the format and concept of the resume may change, the purpose of the resume remains. What a resume does is clarify your value.

Clarify your value?

If that sounds strange to you, it is probably because you consider the resume a job history. While the resume might contain your job history, the purpose of the resume is to define your value in a way that they will want to hire you. Name, rank, and serial number will not give them enough information to hire you.

The resume should showcase resume stories that define how you solved problems for your employer:

  • An engineer may resolve a hiccup in the design plans that stalled the project.
  • A Vice President of Sales may identify the lag in sales, create a sales-minded culture and convert an order taking and customer service environment to an all-inclusive mindset where everyone in the company is an ambassador.
  • A Technical Architect may improve the snarl of booking conference rooms by designing architecture and implement Smart Office with Room Booking so that every conference door is linked to an Office 365 calendar to show the room status.

Your career marketing plan explains your value

Cohesively, the elements of a quality job search plan: resume, LinkedIn, cover letters, and follow up strategy will work together to get you the next job.

Are you ready for your next career move? Do you have all the elements ready? Learn more.

How to create the perfect career marketing solution

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