How to disagree with grace and sustain friendships

How to disagree with grace and sustain friendshipsDisagree with grace seems like a contradiction. Regular readers may start seeing a theme. I find that many people find it okay to voice their disagreements in public loudly and nastily.

Most of these people either don’t care if they offend people or they are oblivious.

I can tell you that if I were in the market for services, I would run away from many people on Facebook today. If I was a hiring manager, I could consider them to be a liability.

How can you disagree with grace?

Stop being vitriolic and caustic online. You may find it fun to be antagonistic or delight in using your sharp wit to send out snarky zingers. Do you really think hiring managers look for people who thrive in hostile environments?

When emphasis is on retaining customers and building client base, consider that you can be found online by anyone. Will a Google search showcase your combative personality? Will that make you attractive to the next customer or client?

Find ways to either say nothing or think before you post.

Are entrepreneurs at risk?

You hear much about branding, including personal branding. I feel like we are all marketing every day. If you are an entrepreneur, you need to keep building allies and ambassadors. I think many people enjoy looking like a smart mouth online. It makes me wonder about the long-term results of poorly researched responses deemed as nasty and offensive by others.

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