How to find more job search success

How to find more job search success

More job search success?

How do you find that elusive new job, especially if you are looking beyond just a job as many of my clients are, to a fulfilling career path?

Do you have larger goals?

More and more, I find that the people I work with have much larger goals than just landing a new job.

Certainly for some of my clients, the goal is a new job because they do have to meet their budget. More often, I find that it is more than just a job.

How do you find more job search success when you are seeking a calling?

For many people, they are seeking a fulfilling role, using their particular talents in the best possible way. They seek a way to give back and not just pay the bills.

Examples of callings

  • Your gifts in technology may mean your calling is in making technology available to people who would not otherwise have access. *See note below.
  • An expert in technology can work with a nonprofit touching the lives of children and making their lives better.
  • As a physician or nurse, you want to help people who cannot afford healthcare have access to good healthcare.
  • If you are a wise financial advisor, you may want to help people better understanding budgeting and make wise decisions.
  • Use your construction skills to help build homes in an organization that helps those who need them.
  • Someone gifted with a background in psychology may want to help others get over hard times or conquer their challenges.
  • A teacher may help people who struggle to learn in conventional schools find joy in learning.
  • The nurse can be in the emergency department to giving compassionate help in times of crisis.
  • Someone gifted in law enforcement may be able to help someone else leave their life of crime.

Aren’t callings just for the religious?

We tend to think about callings in only forms of pastors. I believe if you are open to using your gifts in the best possible way, everyone is called to use their skills, talents, and education.

My own calling

I know my love for writing, combined with my love of helping others is best served as a professional resume writer. For me, my gift is helping others reach their career goals. As job search evolved, I focus on learning new strategies and coaching others to use creative ways to find new jobs. I teach LinkedIn and help you understand better how to use today’s tools.

I love helping people find ways to support their families. Even more so, I love helping those special people who are looking to use their gifts in the best possible way.

For those people who don’t hire me directly, I hope my love of writing combined with 1000+ blog posts here on my website helped those people find more job search success.

(*Two of my clients are now in Africa with their children serving as missionaries, the husband is using his technology background to provide Internet access in countries that have limited access.)

Land your next role! I can help you win new positions by using my interactive coaching style of resume writing to propel you to success in your job search! Let’s talk!

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