What limitations are you putting on your success?

What limitations are you putting on your success?

  • Are you holding yourself back from winning the next job?
  • Are you stopping yourself from being promoted?
  • Are you standing in the way of your next business venture?
  • Are you telling yourself that you will never be successful?

If you said yes to any of those questions, Just STOP!

You don’t have to allow your self-imposed limitations to rule your future!

I work with job seekers every day. I listen to their fears and worries about when they will find the next job, be able to follow their dreams, or pay their next house payment.

I understand those fears. I also interface with many entrepreneurs and would-be entrepreneurs who are worried that if they follow their dreams, they won’t be successful and will end up bankrupt. I speak with young people who have made past mistakes who assume that their future is ruined.

If this is you, STOP listening to the limitations.

Let me tell you somethings about me. I am 59 years old. I reinvented myself in December 2009 when I decided  I sidelined Design Resumes for far too long. I knew the successes that my clients from the resume business had achieved with my help.

I knew there were many others I could help if I stopped trying to divide myself by letting non-profit contracts be the base of my income. My allegiance was divided. The non-profits always got the most of my attention and my business, Design Resumes didn’t even get a half-way decent web presence until January 2009.

I knew I would have little income base and the little my husband brought in as his father’s caregiver could end at any time. But I moved forward anyway.

My husband’s income contribution is now a very small Social Security check, several hundred dollars less than $1000. That’s the current base. Everything else is up to me.

Each month I start with no clue how much I will make. I start every month not knowing if I can pay the house payment. I didn’t start this debt-free but that is my ultimate goal so everything is up to me.

I can look at limitations.

  • Maybe there will be no new clients.
  • Maybe there won’t be enough new clients.
  • Maybe I will get new medical bills.
  • Maybe the taxes will go up.
  • I can focus on those maybes, those limitations or I can move forward.

What about obstacles and problems?

For those who didn’t know, I fell on 12/20/2015 and broke my pelvic bone. I rested on 12/21 and 12/22 and met with my first client after the fall on 12/23. Other than the holidays, I continued my 6-day a week schedule of meeting with clients and I continued to gain new clients. The medical bills haven’t come yet.

I focused on providing quality service to my clients, writing more content to this blog, launching a new CRM, building new alliances, and studying new career strategies to become better in my field.

I can let the limitations of being an entrepreneur, being injured, or being overwhelmed by debt take over or I can move forward.

If you let your limitations dictate your success, STOP it!

You have to work hard to reach any goal but if you are willing to work, then there are no limitations. You can win that new job, be promoted, start a new business venture, and be successful.

Land your next role!

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What limitations are you putting on your success?

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