Is winning the lottery the only way to success?

Is winning the lottery the only way to success?

Winning the lottery has been all over the news as the value of the lottery gets higher. A comment by one of my Facebook friends:

I know the odds of me winning were 200 or so million to one but to get shut out on all the numbers??? Looks like working till I croak is the plan……

Sounds of quiet desperation! I’ve never bought a lottery ticket nor will I in the future. On the other hand, winning the lottery is certainly not the only way to get ahead or find success. Most people put more stock in winning the lottery than developing the talents God gave them to bring them to the level of income they want. While winning the lottery now valued at over $1 billion is more than most of us will see in our lifetimes, I fully believe that most people don’t try to get to the next level.

How can you find success outside of winning the lottery?

  1. Examine your talents – what do you excel at? Are you pursuing that talent either at work or on your own? You are only stuck if you let yourself be stuck. We live in an incredible age. You can choose to let fear drive you or you can take hold of technology that lets you communicate globally in nanoseconds.
  2. Do you need more education? Again, we have never lived in a time like this. You can learn anything online. Course options abound. Colleges are close by to most people if you prefer to go in person. Certifications are available in many fields to make you more attractive to employers.
  3. Want to be an entrepreneur? What’s stopping you? Worldwide marketplace. You can build a business and attract global customers.
  4. Are your technology skills weak? Take your first step. Technology is critical in today’s workplace. If you are not willing to spend time learning the basics and building on those, you will be left behind.

If working for someone else is better for you than running your own business, then explore what it will take to market you for the next job. I believe that too many people get stuck because they don’t know how to ask the right people for help and they are unwilling to invest in ways to improve. Winning the lottery isn’t going to happen for most people but winning in life is up to you. Start today!

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