Is your technology keeping up with your job search?

Is your technology keeping up with your job search?In my world, technology and the ability to manage technology is ever-changing. For example, recently, we changed phones for my husband, Bill, and myself as well as service providers. His old phone wasn’t working and mine had started to get glitchy. We initially went backwards with him to a flip phone because Bill’s technology skills are very different from mine and his old smart phone never worked well. However, the flip phone was much more expensive than a smart phone and once he got it home, he found it hard to work so he returned it and now we have twin Samsung Galaxy S4 phones. It is easier for me to teach him the ins and outs if we have the same phone.

Upgrading Technology — the computer change

We also determined that it was time to get the new computer I had wanted. For about 10 years, I powered my whole system with a laptop. But I decided that to optimize the many applications I tend to keep open at the same time, I needed a computer with more power. I went back to a tower and now have three monitors that allow me to reserve one for in-office clients while using the other two when I am working with virtual clients or projects that need me to see documents while I am working on another screen. I am loving it.

Technology Learning Curves

There was, however, a huge learning curve. The new computer is Windows 8.1 and for me that seems to be working well but I did have to learn how to use it. Even without that challenge, transferring my files took 3 days. I use Carbonite and I had done it last time with a technology expert at my side. It was only two years ago and at that point, I think it was a long process. The scary part was waiting for the actual files in the folders since Carbonite transfers the folders first and then populates them. I stayed on the laptop until I was reasonably certain that my resume files had made it over to the new computer.

Then there was the software challenge. I opted to bring in a new Office 2013 and QuickBooks 2015, which meant more learning curves all while actually working with clients. Office went fairly smoothly. QuickBooks is changing the payment feature so many of the things I used to use it for are not available. They say they will bring it back next year but until it works, I don’t believe them.

Technology is a challenge when you are an entrepreneur like myself but I understand that the investment of new equipment and applications is critical to my success. When a job seeker who hasn’t been on the market for a several years enters a new job search or is ready to move into a new role, their challenge is often much larger than mine. In the past, I have had clients who don’t even own a computer. Frankly, you really can’t compete. You also have to learn how to effectively use the technology. A job seeker who doesn’t have Word on their computer, or has a really old version, will find it difficult to create and then use their resume.

Changes in resume writing

I don’t even want to begin discussing how much resumes have changed. Resumes I wrote 10 years ago are horribly out of date in strategy – not just content. Those of us in the career marketing industry are constantly learning. This year alone, I have invested more than $1000 in training programs not to mention certifications and memberships in the élite career industry organizations. (or technology to do my work) A job seeker who last wrote a resume in 2001 is in for a rude awakening.

Changes in resume distribution strategy

Sometimes job seekers get the idea that if they are just able to get themselves on as many job boards as possible, they will be found. I don’t believe that success comes from volume. I think it comes from targeting. Knowing what works is critical. LinkedIn is a necessary tool in the job seeker or career changers toolbox but it too needs to have right content and strategy.

The main point

If you are entering into a job search, take the time to figure out what changed. Make sure your technology matches the needs and get expert advice to make sure you are on track.

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