How to follow directions in your job search

How to follow directions in your job searchJob search is one of the most challenging things you will ever do. When you recognize that your future earnings depend on you finding the right job in the right company, you have learned an important lesson. Many people don’t take job search seriously. They put out half an effort and hope that somehow they will land that new role.

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My clients understand that looking for a new role takes time and it is worth that investment. In the 30+ years that I have been in the career industry, I have seen job search evolve to a higher level than years ago. Some of the changes are good and some I really struggle with.

I have never been a fan of the Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS). I think employers miss so many potentially great employees because of ATS, since there is nothing standardized and they depersonalize the applicants. An employer can’t really understand someone’s assets from a computer input. But this is a rant for another day. Today’s topic is following directions in your job search.

How to follow directions in your job search

However, whether I like ATS systems, they are part of today’s hiring process. Four ways people fail to follow directions:

  1. Submitting incomplete applications. I don’t mean missing fields, most applications make you go backwards and fix anything you missed. I mean people who fail to go through the process of writing the cutting edge  presentation resume first and just enter data into applications. You can’t just fill in the blanks with duties.
  2. Failure to use key words. If you haven’t studied professional resume writing recently, you may not understand that job search success is driven by the right key words in your resume or job application.
  3. No match to the target. There is little room for being selected if you are randomly thinking you just need a job so you apply for everything.
  4. Omitting references or adding poor references. Most applications require references. Think this through. Use references that actually would help you get the job and make sure you ask them first.

While applying online is a necessary evil, make sure you do it right and then find other ways to reach the hiring manager to network your way into the company so that your online application isn’t the only contact you have with a company who posted your dream job. Always follow directions but then go the next step!

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