How to use these LinkedIn profile tips for job search


How to use these LinkedIn profile tips for job searchHow to optimize your LinkedIn profile for job search

Are you aware of how to use LinkedIn profile tips for job search? There are 347 million people reportedly with LinkedIn profiles, but I guarantee that the majority of the people are just barely there.

Are you one of the invisible people on Linkedln?

  • If your LinkedIn headline is still marketing your old position without communicating the value that you offer, you are missing the boat.
  • If your summary is just boring or not even there, you need to refocus the LinkedIn summary to showcase what you want your readers to learn about you and optimize your LinkedIn profile for job search.
  • If you just put in the positions you held in the past with no details of what you did or the value you brought to each role on LinkedIn, you have just created a listing of your jobs and you did not optimize your LinkedIn profile for job search.
  • If you let LinkedIn add skills to your profile that barely relate to what you offer, instead of fine-tuning them with the skills and expertise that you would like to share with the next employer or your next client, you missed the opportunity to be discovered for your best traits.
  • If you left off the photo and are using the excuse that you don’t take good headshots or you don’t know any photographers, your LinkedIn profile is 7X less likely to be seen by recruiters or hiring managers and you do not know how to optimize your LinkedIn profile for job search.

How to use LinkedIn profile tips to improve your profile

Take the five points above and make sure that you have completed them. If you are not sure how to complete them, I would be happy to work with you. Most of my packages include teaching you how to optimize your LinkedIn profile for job search as well as my LinkedIn tour and coaching. When I am working with clients, I want to make sure that they have access to the best LinkedIn profile tips to help them be found by hiring managers and market them with the brand that best represents them.

Just being on LinkedIn isn’t enough. You really need to know how to use LinkedIn profile tips to optimize it for job search. Like your resume, hiring managers and recruiters are continually scanning LinkedIn profiles to find the right candidates for their open positions. If you are not sending the right message, you will be passed over for the person who is on brand and better fits the profile of the candidate the company seeks.

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