How to plan what to wear to the job interview

What to wear to a job interviewIf you are wondering what to wear to the job interview, you probably would be overdressed in a tux like my little penguin on the right. What to wear to the interview is a very popular question.

How do you plan what to wear to the job interview?

Learn the company culture from an insider so that you prepare for whatever is the common type of dress for the company in general. While company culture may allow very casual dress, you should not assume that you will make a good first impression if you follow a very casual dress model.

Does what to wear to the job interview change by seasons or climate?

While you may be overheated at home or outside, resist the temptation to dress too casually to combat the heat.

What is appropriate for women?

  • Dress pants (not jeans)
  • Dresses or skirts at knee-length (leave the short ones home)
  • Tops – sleeveless is ok but not tank tops or low-cut tops
  • Jackets – since air conditioning is prevalent, you may want a nice looking, matching jacket or cardigan sweater.
  • Shoes – dress sandals or close-toe shoes

What is appropriate for men?

  • Nice shirts (button-down)
  • Polo shirts
  • Khaki pants or neutral gray pants
  • Wear a belt and tuck in any button-down shirts
  • Shoes – dress shoes not athletic shoes or sneakers
  • No hats or caps

What not to wear to the interview?

Male or female, keep the perfumes and colognes to a bare minimal. Many people suffer from allergies or get migraine headaches from scents or smells and you don’t want to alienate your interviewer right off the bat.

When in doubt, ask what to wear to the interview

As I was researching for this article, I found an article by Liz Ryan on Forbes that makes a very good point. The diversity in workplace cultures is so different these days, that the best thing to do is ask what to wear to the job interview.

Career professionals train clients about how to use informational interviews or meetings with company employees to learn more about the company before applying for a job. Liz’s advice takes that one step further. When you write your email reply to say thank you for the interview and confirm the time, ask what to wear to the interview. Is that simple? Brilliant!

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