Identify your strengths for your job target

One of the critical jobs as a job seeker is to identify your strengths for the role you target. My role as your resume writer is to help you find those stories that support your strengths for this specific job. Craft your stories to help you land the role of your dreams.

How do you identify your strengths?

Start by reading job descriptions for roles you would like to hold. Analyze how the skills you possess align with the job. Posted jobs shouldn’t be your only method of looking for new roles but a posted job can give you an idea of what companies are looking for in the role you seek.

How does a job description help identify your strengths?

Ideally, you should already be running a targeted job search. This means you know which roles you are interested in and you have an idea of what companies may have the role you want.

If you are seeking a role of a VP of Quality in the pharmaceutical field, you should be looking at these traits:

  • Qualify and manage relationships with contract research/manufacturing organizations and critical suppliers.
  • Provide quality oversight and support to company R&D, product and device development, manufacturing, supply chain, and clinical operations.

The key is to identify your strengths and craft stories that fit your experience.

Identify your strengths in customer experience

If you are seeking a role as a Vice President of Customer Experience, tell stories about your strengths:

  • You lead a multi-faceted team including customer onboarding and education, customer success and account management, customer support, and business process improvement.
  • You will need to approach your work with a customer-centric mindset and a demonstrated ability to inspire collaboration, lead people, and drive change. This is a challenging position that requires you to bring expertise in delivering world-class customer service.

As you read the job description, you can identify your strengths by seeing the correlation to your roles and how you helped your prior companies succeed. The key is coming up with stories to reinforce how you provide value for the next company.

Identify your strengths as a strategic CFO

Looking to find a role as a strategic CFO who provides leadership and guidance to the executive team? Tell how you helped prior companies:

  • You deliver on the business’ quarterly income and free cash goals, long and short-term strategic and operational planning as well as lead a large team of finance personnel.
  • As CFO, you will also play a critical role in the business’ capital allocation decisions and provide insight and support in any inorganic M&A transactions.

To identify your strengths, start here:

Thinking about your ideal job or role, what challenge sticks out that is relevant to that role?

  •  What Action did you take?
  •  What was the result?
  •  How did it benefit the company?

Start today to think about your strengths and how you can begin to write your stories to prepare for your next career role. Learn how I can help you with my interactive style of resume writing here.

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Identify your strengths for your job target

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