Is it a real job or a phishing expedition?

Is it a real job or a phishing expedition?Phishing Expedition? We have become so ingrained to the apply online standard that sometimes we think it is the only way. If you have found a job online or were referred to company to apply online, you still should follow directions but this should never be your main strategy.

What can happen with online applications

I was helping a client who was unclear about the apply online process and wanted some expert advice. We revamped her resume and created the text version to help her apply online for a job that a friend had referred her to with a local company. After following the link and entering the access code, we input her information.

When that application was completed, she asked about another position that she had found in an online search. It was on a major job board. We started the application but it wasn’t long before it asked for her driver’s license. I had assumed initially that she knew something about the position because she was well-versed on the other one. However, she didn’t know anything about the company, the position, and had no connections that had told her about it. Now the application was asking for her driver’s license! We backed out.

What is a phishing expedition?

My client was just beginning to hunt and I realized she needed more coaching to distinguish a good opportunity from a potential phishing expedition. I told her that if she was actually applying to a position that she knew was with a legitimate company and on their website, she could decide whether she was willing to give them identifying information but not to just offer it to any opportunity online.

Job search is hard enough without running the risk of having your identity stolen. I always coach my clients on using networking to find their next role but applying online can be part of the process. Working from a targeted job search perspective, you will be sending out less resumes but they will be better researched. You need to know the company, whether it is legitimate, and understand the risks of giving out critical information such as your driver’s license or social security numbers.

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